In the 1930’s Leonard Thieme and Jesse Smith started an abstract company for Greene county called Thieme-Hunt Abstract Company. At that time almost all real estate transactions were handled by extending the abstract of title to a current date and having the abstract examined by an attorney. The attorney wrote an opinion on the status of the title and if the title was acceptable to both the buyer and the lender, the transaction would close. It was Thieme and Smith who built the arbitrary tract index books that we still use today.

In 1953 Jack Hogan joined then Thieme-Hunt Abstract Company.  In 1959, Hogan bought the company but it wasn’t until 1964 that he made it official and started operating under the name Hogan Land Title Company.

Jack Hogan went on to build the very strong, family owned and operated company that still thrives today and celebrated 50 years in business as of January 22, 2014.

With six locations, including four offices in Springfield, one in Stone County and one in Taney County, Hogan Land Title Company has grown tremendously since 1964. Hogan has some of the oldest recorded plats dating back to the 1800′s and has the oldest title plant in Springfield, Missouri. The company employs approximately 60 full time employees and all assets remain local to help keep our local economy thriving.